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Appreciating and Understanding Art @ Singapore Pinacothèque De Paris

Appreciating and Understanding @ Singapore Pinacothèque De Paris

Do you love art? Have you heard of this place - Pinacothèque De Paris? Read on to find out what this place is all about. 

While my children and I love creating art, we love learning about art work as well. Previously, I have only introduced some famous art pieces to the children. I told the children the story behind each art piece and they love the art and its history.

We also have plans to travel to the different parts of the world to see the masterpieces of some famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock. 

But now, with the opening of Pinacothèque De Paris in Singapore, we need not travel the world to see the masterpieces. This private fine arts museum is newly opened in Singapore in May 2015.

Located in Fort Canning Park, it is just a short walk from carpark B. As it was our first visit to the place, we did not expect much. Little did we know that we are going to have an awesome afternoon, appreciating art and have fun creating our very own art pieces. 

The first thing that caught Natalie's attention was this interactive art wall. 

The child can learn about the art piece and its history by simply tabbing on the icons. This interactive wall invites the child to learn about the art pieces in a fun and engaging way.

 Even as an adult, I learnt something new. I didn't know that Cleopatra was Greek. I'm sure my children would spend a long time at this interactive wall during our next visit. 

The Collections Gallery

In the collection gallery, there are 40 rarely seen masterpieces on permanent display. What I found most special about this gallery is that the exhibition is curated not by geography, nor by artists but by theme/similarity between the masterpieces. 

For example, can you figure out why the 2 art pieces below are placed side by side? Can you see its similarities and differences? The whole experience is so unique for me. Being History trained, I often have to teach my students to analyze the similarities and differences between 2 sources. And now, I can apply what I have been trained for, on these art pieces. Quite exciting for me. 

Portrait of Mario Dircksdr. Bagaert 1670
Artist: Gerbrand van den EECKHOUT

Suzanne with Sunflowers 1890
Artist: Claude Monet

Moreover, the gallery is very spacious and it makes viewing very comfortable for the visitors. 

Going on the tour makes the whole experience very meaningful as the tour guide would tell us about the history of each art piece and highlights the different aspects of the art pieces to us. The guide engages the children by questioning them about what they can observe from the masterpieces before telling them more about they have pointed out and more about the art pieces. Therefore, it was truly an afternoon of art and history.

Visual images of early Singapore and Fort Canning can be viewed along this corridor (as seen below).

Interesting enough, while in university, I learnt that one of the main reason why the British picked Fort Canning to be the Government Hill is because it overlooks both the Singapore River and Chinatown at the same time. In this case, the British felt that they could see what the activities of the Chinese in Chinatown and at the Singapore River. Thus, giving them more control over the area.
Point of View of Singapore River and Chinatown from Government Hill. 

There is also a features gallery where there will be rotating feature exhibitions. The current exhibition-  " The Myth of Cleopatra" will be here until 4 October 2015.  

 The Art Academy

The art academy is the museum's educational nexus. Keen artists can attend its programme at the art studio. The art studio is very spacious. 

Natalie has never attend any art lesson because I wanted her to develop her own style and let her creativity run. I am always very concerned that by attending art lessons, it may kill her creativity as some teachers may tend to teach too much and Natalie may just end up copying the art. However, at Pinacothèque De Paris Art Academy, teacher Michelle was extraordinary. She didn't "teach" them art at all. The term "teach" here means to demonstrate and then to get the kids to follow. Instead, she encouraged their creativity by simply giving them the tools and materials and told them to go explore. I was seriously pleasantly surprised. 

The different brushes available for the children to use. 
Different materials (coloured sand, crystals, paints) for the children to explore.

Nobody told the children what to paint. The instruction was " go ahead and explore". Amazing. 

After experimenting with all the different kinds of brushes, Natalie decided to explore with her fingers. From her expression, you can surely tell that she had fun. 

 Next, they were told to tear up some coloured papers and to make a face out of it. They are allowed to use the paintings that they have done previously. 

 This is Natalie's final product. After finishing her art piece, Natalie went to ask teacher Michelle: " How many faces can you see?" 

Well, how many can you see?

The next thing, Natalie turned her art work to portrait and then, to our surprise, there is a face of women with a dolphin hat. Well, she didn't plan for her art work to have such effect from the beginning. As she went along, she discovered this. 

A photography with teacher Michelle. 

La Boutique Pinacothèque

Before leaving the museum, we visited La Boutique where many interesting art materials, books and even toys are on sale. Parents can purchase art materials (such as paint a suncatcher)  for their children to play/paint on the spot while parents shop in peace. 

Children can seat at this table to play/paint with their purchased art material.

It was truly an ecstatic experience at Pinacothèque De Paris. At Pinacothèque De Paris, you can appreciate masterpieces and at the same time, create your very own art. 

Quote " Raising Our Successful Children" to enjoy special discount. 

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If you are signing up for a child and you are the accompanying adult, you only need to pay for the participant. 

2. 20% off Family Package Session 

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  •  Special Studio classes for families or for parents with young children can be customised and arranged (for a minimum of four participants) on application.
  • $48 per pax, 90min, with customised time slot and activities.

The promotion is valid for all sessions before 13 October 2015.

Each class sign up will include an all-day access ticket to visit Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris, which can be used within 3 months of purchased session.

For more information, 
visit Singapore Pinacothèque De Paris(official Website)  
or email them at 

Don't miss the promotion. Check it out today and plan your visit to Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris. 

Visitor Information: 

Address: 5 Cox Terrace, Singapore 179620 ( Inside Fort Canning, Carpark B)

Telephone: +65 6883 1588

I hope you will enjoy your trip there as much as I did. 

Read about Bumble Bee Mum's experience at Pinacothèque de Paris. Her little one (2 yr old) enjoyed himself as much as my 8 year old. The programme is suitable for children of all ages. 

So, visit today and remember to quote " Raising Our Successful Children". 

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