Thursday, 9 July 2015

Self Identity

1) Identity of Self

A young child is a tabula rasa. Hence, it is our duty as parents to help them discover about themselves and to help them develop a strong sense of self identity. This would help them to become confident individuals with the right values and a positive attitude.   

As an educator, it is my responsible to reinforce positive character traits in each student and to help give feedback on how to work on an area of improvement. 

It is important for children to find out about their strengths and through positive reinforcement and encouragement, the child would be more likely to display the strengths that are constantly being recognized.

What it means

Developing Activities
A sense of self identity.
Knowing my own strengths and weaknesses.

The child needs to learn to use his strengths to his advantage and try to develop in these areas.

At the same time, the child needs to learn about his weaknesses, so that he can either improve on it, or find another way to get around it.

I always tell my students and children: “Not everyone is good at everything. You just need to find what you are good and do it well enough for others to recognize and value that”.
Developing the strengths of the child.

As a parent:

I emphasize the strengths of each child and make each strength known to the child.

As an educator: 
To develop a positive sense of self identity, I have praise boards in my classroom so that teachers can write down strengths of each child in my class and make it known.

Dealing with an area of improvement(weaknesses).

Usually, I refer weaknesses as ‘an area of improvement’. The latter phrase gives the child an impression that he/she can improve on the aspect.

Constant feedback would help the child to learn about his/her   weaknesses. For my children and students, I give immediate feedback and help the child go through the thinking process of his/her weaknesses.
  • I would first try to give specific example of the weakness and help the child to understand his/her action.
  • Secondly, I would ask the child if he sees an issue with his action/behaviour.
  • Thirdly, I would ask the child to suggest a few ways  to change or improve on.
  •  Finally, I would ask the child to only focus on one suggestion and work on it for the day/week and then we will come together and discuss if the method is successful.

Self Esteem
Self Worth
Sense of purpose
For others to respect you, you first have to respect yourself.”

People with low esteem face a lot of emotional and behavioural issues.
Everyone needs love and attention. Hence, it is of great importance for us as parents to spend quality time and give the child the appropriate and timely recognition.

A sense of Responsibility
Self Control
Character building is important because without the right values, the child will not be able to succeed eventually because our society still despises people who lack values.
Having a sense of Self Responsibiliy. 
"What can you do, not what others can do."

Moral Courage
Good habits

Self reliance

Attitude in life is something that develops from young and is very difficult to change once it is set. So start it right.
Training resilience, perseverance through daily activities. 

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