Thursday, 9 July 2015

Identifying the Strengths of each Family Member

Activity: Identifying the Strengths of each Family Member


1) To recognise strengths/good character traits of each member family and to reinforce areas of strength/good character traits. 

2) To know and discuss more about our family values and to strengthen our family bond.

Round 1 - Identifying strengths/good character traits of each individual

During one of our circle time session, we sat together as a family and we had to take turns to state one strength which we observed for each individual. Moreover, my hubby and I will encourage the children to give examples to support their view. My role was to write down the strength on pieces of paper that looks like petals. We went in a circle and stated as many strengths as we can. 

For example: 
Mummy: "Now, let's focus on Emmanuel's strengths/good character traits."
Then, everyone (include Emmanuel) will take turns to say a strength of Emmanuel and give an example of it. We will continue until the family thinks that all the strengths have been identified.

We did this for each of the family member.

Round 2 - Discussion

Mummy: " Now, let's look at the strengths that Natalie has. Which strengths/good character traits are the strongest?

We will pick 8 strongest qualities out for each individual and then paste it on a paper plate.

Round 3 - Working on other strengths
Each individual have to pick 2 other strengths (which was not chosen to be pasted onto the paper plate) to work on and give some details as to how to work on it.

Round 4 - Reinforcing each strengths and identifying our family values.
To end the session, each member had to read out their own strengths (from the paper plate). 

After which, we try to find similarity within our family and we realised that we value qualities such as hard work, care for the family, courage and willingness to learn.   

In this session, we got to discover more about ourselves and our family members. It definitely did strengthen our family bond as we recognise that each member is has different strengths and yet at the same time, we do share a lot of similarities with each other. 

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