Thursday, 9 July 2015

Praise Board

Objective: To highlight good behavior or to recognise achievement of students.

Position of the board: Right behind the teacher's desk for easy access. Moreover, as it is in front of the class, it serves as a constant reminder for the class to behave.

Positive reinforcement was what I wanted to achieve and hence I introduced this praise board in my classroom as a tool to reinforce good behavior, give recognition to students who have done well academically or in their CCA and to recognise students who have shown improvement in their behavior or academically.

Although this idea was mine, the students were very enthusiastic about this board. They set it up and decorated it themselves. They wrote everyone's name on ice cream sticks to make the border. One student even painted "Praise Board" to be put up on the board. The students also provided small coloured paper in a pocket at the praise board so that it would be convenient and would increase the chance of teachers writing a praise for them.

Any teacher that comes into the class can write a praise for the class or for any individual student.

Overall, this idea was very well received by the students and the behavior of the class did improve tremendously. More importantly, the praise board generated a positive atmosphere and the aim of the students is always to get the board totally filled up at the end of each term.

At home, instead of praise boards, I taught the kids to get goals for themselves. When they achieved the goals for the day, I will recognise them by giving them a "sticker" for the day. This is to help young children to focus on what they want to achieve and my role is to recognise their good work.

The important word is recognise. I do not believe in praising the children all the time and tell them that "it's fantastic", "good work" and "well done". In fact, when my hubby and I praise the kids, we will be very specific. For example, " Natalie, you did well by helping your brother. You are helpful and kind." We feel that giving praise to a specific action or for displaying a quality is more effectively as it is a positive reinforcement.

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