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Places of Interest to Learn about Singapore

Places of Interest to Learn about Singapore

Aim: To learn about how the Singapore airforce have evolved and their role in the defence of Singapore. 

RSAF Museum
400 Airport Road
Singapore 534234

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 8.30am to 5.00pm (Closed on Monday & Public Holidays)

Admission: Free

At the Singapore Airforce Museum, the children will learn the role of the Singapore Airforce Force. Moreover, they get a chance to see and touch retired air assets of Singapore. The children really enjoyed running around the helicopter, UAV and the fighter jets. In addition, they watch a short clip in the theatre to learn about how the Singapore Armed Forces work together. 

Aim: To learn about the Singapore Army and their role/contribution to the defence of Singapore.

Location:  500 Upper Jurong Road, Blk 78 #02-25, Singapore 638367
                 ( Next to Singapore Discovery Centre)

Opening Hours: Open daily from 10am - 6pm except on Mondays. We are open on all Public Holidays including Mondays.

Admission is free for all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

NORMAL Admission
ADULT - $5/pax
CHILD - $3/pax (6-12yrs old)
SENIOR CITIZEN - $3/pax (60yrs and above)
FAMILY COMBO - $12 (2 Adult + 2 Child, $1 for each additional child)

In the Army Museum, the kids learn about the role of the army and how Singapore can defend ourselves. They even got to play with a real SAR21 and M16. The children took turns to fire blank shots. 

Outside of the museum, there is a standard obstacle course and different army vehicles and tanks to play with. 

Aim: To learn about how Singapore has progress through the years in area of technology and in defence. 

Location: 510 Upper Jurong Rd, 638365

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday    9 am - 6pm
                           Closed on Mondays ( Except Public and School Term Holidays)

Admission: Free admission for Singaporeans and PRs.
Admission include: Entry to S’pore Discovery Centre’s Permanent Exhibits Gallery; 1 Special Movie*; 1 SAFTI Bus Tour*

There are many exhibits in SDC, but the most impressive and fun is the Battlefield Command. This 3rd Generation SAF game designed for the public allows you to take on the role of the Commander, Leopard 2A4 Tank, Frigate or Apache Fighter to battle enemy forces. 

Myself as the overall Commander

Daddy in charge of the airforce. 

Natalie driving a tank. 

There is also a section dedicated to Crisis Control. In this section, you can play games to try and resolve the possible crisis that may happen in Singapore. Moreover, you must experience the Crisis Simulation Theatre. 

Also, don't forget to visit the Total Defence Wall to learn about the 5 pillars of Total Defence in Singapore. 

Aim: To learn about the role of the Police Force and how they have been keeping the peace and security in Singapore. 

Address: 28 Irrawaddy Rd, 329560

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Fridays     10am- 5pm
                           Saturday                    10am- 1pm

You can visit The Police Hertiage Centre as part of the Children's Season programme. 
Or call and book an appointment to tour the centre. 

Aim: The children can learn about the devlopment of fire fighting and civil defence  in Singapore from the late 1800s till modern day

Location62 Hill Street. 

Opening Hours: Tuesday- Sunday    10am-5pm

Admission: Free

The kids had fun going on fire engine and pretending to be fire fighters..

Aim:To learn about the Battle of Pasir Panjang during WWII and how the Malay Regiment defended Singapore heroically.
Address:  31K Pepys Road, Singapore 118458

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday  9am - 5.30pm
                           Closed on Monday ( Except on Public Holidays)

Admission: Free for Singaporeans and PRs.

Reflections at Bukit Chandu is housed in the black and white colonial bungalow. You can take a walk from Hort Park to the Reflection at Bukit Chandu. 

More places of interest to learn about Singapore will be coming up soon. 

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