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SingaPlorers (SG50) - The Card Game on Singapore's Nation Building

SingaPlorers, the card game on Singapore's Nation Building was launched on 11 July 2015. 

It was really an honor to have: 

Ms Low Yen Ling 
(Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Social and Family Development & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and Mayor, South West District)

Dr Chua Chee Lay
Senior Adviser
Harry Susilo Institute for Ethnics in a Global Economy
School of Management, Boston University, US

Mr Ng Boon Seng
Director(Integration)/Co-ordinator(Inter-Ethnic Engagement) [ People's Association]

to launch the SingaPlorers game for us. 

Being the Chief Game Architect of the game, I conceptualised the game, researched and developed the content and the activity booklet that came along with it. However, this game will not be possible without the support of Seedling Hut and its owner, Ms Woo Li Fong and Ms Rachel Kou. They put in alot of effort and time to produce this game. I am thankful to have met these two beautiful ladies and to have this opportunity to work with them on this project. It is truly my honor. 

SingaPlorers as a game is first of its kind as its main objective is to model Singapore’s nation building story from 1965 to 2015 where Singaporeans united together as one,  overcome the challenges over time and in the process learn about notable personalities who contributed to Singapore’s early growth, the roots of historical places and national icons and also key events that demonstrated how Singaporeans have rallied together to harness opportunities and overcome challenges.

It is a cooperative game where the players have to play cards to support each other in overcoming the challenges that Singapore faces. In playing the game, the players will experience working cooperatively, negotiating or even sometimes have to make small sacrifices to overcome the constant challenges and work together towards achieving peace and progress in Singapore.

The game will focus on these 4 main challenges:

  1. Building a national identity and fostering social cohesion
  2. Safeguarding our homeland through defence and security
  3. Declining and aging population
  4. Limited resources

SingaPlorers aims to help players to understand that the success behind Singapore is a result of the constant work and cooperation of all Singaporeans. Also, in playing SingaPlorers, players will see the cause and effects of events or policies Singapore have adopted. Players will learn about Singapore’s past, present and challenges we face in a fun and engaging way. Players might also experience the effects of uncooperative play and find out for themselves what would happen to Singapore as a result.

This game gives visual and kinaesthetic learners a golden opportunity to learn about Singapore’s history within a short playing time span. This is a powerful teaching tool as the game supports self-directed learning in the aspect of Character and Citizenship Education. 

Personally, I strongly believe that our young must learn and know about Singapore. They must know the interconnections within the society. 

I have taught many students during my teaching career. But to me, my contribution is not enough. Even though I've made a decision to be a stay-at-home-mum for now to look after my children, it doesn't mean that I stop contributing. I want to continue contributing and making an impact. 
My family is very honoured to be invited by Ms Low for a photograph.

I have been looking for opportunity to contribute. The opportunity finally came when a friend rang me up one day and ask if I was interested to develop a game as part of the SG50 effort. Without hesitation, I agreed. Today, I am honored and proud to present the game - SingaPlorers( official website). In addition, I've designed an activity booklet together with the game so that children can learn more about the history, cultures and challenges of Singapore. For young children who are unable to play the game, there are many suitable and fun activities in the booklet for them to learn through play. The booklet will be made available soon. The game can be  downloaded, free online for a limited period. So download it now. I hope that through this project, many more people from all ages can learn about Singapore through this interactive, fun and engaging game. 

Click here to download. 

Many people trying out the game during the launch. 

Reading the content seriously and the facilitator explaining the card content.  

The children had fun playing the game. 

It is a great opportunity for people of different background and races to sit together and discuss how to overcome the challenges Singapore faces together. 

Even the elderly wanted to have a go at the game and they have a lot of stories to tell because most of them have lived through the events on the cards.

Ms Low Yen Ling, together with Dr Chua Chee Lay playing the game together.

Lastly, I sincerely encourage parents and educators to use this set of resources to play with their children/students and learn with them about the history, culture and the challenges face by Singapore and how we can overcome them together as Singaporeans. Let's do our part to help our children to 

Know the past,

Cherish the present,

Create the future.

Play with your family today.

This game is useful for children taking Primary School Social Studies, Lower Secondary History and Upper Secondary Social Studies. 

Sample of Challenge Cards: 

Sample of Resource Cards:

Email me at for training purposes/ development of games or how to play SingaPlorers. 

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