Saturday, 11 July 2015

Exploring My Neighbourhood

Exploring My Neighbourhood

Aims of activity:
  1. To create awareness about the neighbourhood/community that we live in. 
  2. To learn about the basic needs of the people.
  3. To see similarity between different neighbourhoods

I started with our own neighbourhood as the children are familiar with it. I designed a very simple worksheet for the children record down what they see as they walk around the neighbourhood.

Activity 1: A sample of the worksheet:

Through this worksheet, the child will be more aware of the environment that he lives in and will learn about the basic needs of people are healthcare, education, religious institution, service and leisure.

Moreover, after the experiential activity, there is another stretching activity where the child can go online, look at other neighbourhoods and make comparison. 

Activity 2: ICT Lesson: Exploring other neighborhood using the following website:

Are the other neighborhoods the same or different from yours?

The final activity is for the children to think and exercise their creativity as they create their own neighbourhood. 

Activity 3: Art & Craft/ Free Play Activity: Plan and create your ideal neighbourhood.

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