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The passing of our Founding Father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

It was an emotional week for Singapore in March 2015 with the passing of our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Although my children were only 3, 6 and 8, it was important for them to know about this historical event. I sat them down, talk to them about this person named Mr Lee Kuan Yew and about his contribution to Singapore. Next, I ask how they can show appreciation of what he has done and the children's reply was simple - they want to draw for him. Hence, the following drawings were produced. 

In the art piece above, the children wanted to show how Mr Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore from a third to a first world country. Eventually, they inviting their grandparents to write their words of gratitude on it before presenting it to Mr Lee Kuan Yew as a tribute at the Community Tribute Centre. In the end, I finished the art piece with the words " Our 3 generations thank you."

In addition, for the 2 older children, they wanted to use words to express their thoughts. 

By Emmanuel

By Natalie

Like many other Singaporeans, we went to the Parliament House together with our children. We queued for some time and eventually as the queue was too long, we decided to just pay our respect outside the Parliament House. To us, it is important that our children see for themselves the deep respect Singaporeans have for Mr Lee. The mountain of people and their patience to queue for hours just to pay respect to our founding father will become a memorable experience. For once, the silent Singapore  majority came together and through their actions proved that they greatly appreciate what Mr Lee Kuan Yew has done for us. 

Finally, we bid Mr Lee Kuan Yew goodbye. 

 Our children may not understand it now, but they will, in the future. 

Lastly, I wrote a letter to my children so that one day, they can read this and understand. 

You are 3,6 and 8 this year. You may know the name Mr Lee Kuan Yew but you don't know what it means. You are happily watching television and living your day as normal as any other day. totally oblivious to the passing of our founding father. Little do you know, the person who made it possible for you to live your life in peace and security, now lies peaceful and may rest at last. He worked hard all his life to build this country, Singapore. All the housing you see, the cleanliness of the streets, the roads, the gardens, the MRT, the healthcare, your education and the peace and security - all these will not be without him. He is our founding father, our first Prime Minister - Mr Lee Kuan Yew. When we got ousted from Malaysia, people think Singapore won't make it, but we did. We did not only survive, we are prospering and shining on international stage. 50 years ago, he cried for our country. Now our nation cries for him. He built a nation where we are proud to be called Singaporeans. He built a country where we call our home. 

His passing marks a beginning to a new era. Now, let us play our part to continue his work. I will play my part as a mother to raise you up and equip you with the skills to overcome challenges for Singapore in the future, for you are our future leaders. I'm sure all mothers would do the same for their children. As for your father, he plays another great role in soceity where he commits his life to educating 17, 18 years old and help them develop their full potential so that they can take their place in Singapore. 

Mr Lee Kuan Yew had said: " I have no regrets.. I have done all I can.."

Yes, I agree, he has done his part in laying the strong foundation for us. Let us now play our part to continue building this nation. and always remember:

" Because he lived, we can have tomorrow." 

 So appreciate his life contribution, cherish what we have presently and build a better tomorrow.

Written on 23 March 2015 

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