Thursday, 6 November 2014

Famous Landmarks of Singapore Part 1

Famous Landmarks of Singapore Part 1

1. The Merlion

Salt Art: We used white glue to outline the cartoon and then we sprinkled a lot of salt on the glue. We left it overnight to dry. The next day, we painted the salt with water colour. The kids were amazed at how the water colour spread across the salt on its own. It is as if the water colour was travelling on its own on the salt. Try this

2. Gardens by the Bay

Recyclable and glitter: Can you recognise what the super trees are made up of? They are made up of "fruit wrapper" like the one you see below. But Faith wanted to use the black one. We should have used the white wrapper and then paint it red to make it even more attractive. 

I drew the outline of the picture and then the kids had to tear and paste the fruit wrapper to create the super tree.

Finally after they finish sticking all the super trees, I found a ribbon for our bridge. Faith wanted to use glitters again, so I gave it to her to outline the structures.

3. The Statue of Stamford Raffles

I asked my son to suggest what we can do for this landmark and he said : " Mummy, I don't want to do art and craft. You go get your camera, I show you." This is what he came out with on his own.

I just went WOW!

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