Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Catching Crabs at Sembawang Park

Catching Crabs at Sembawang Park

It was Friday evening and there, my cousin -Wendy and I was just messaging each other discussing what we could do with our 6 kids during the weekend. To my pleasant surprise, she suggested catching crab and there we are, catching crab on Saturday evening at Sembawang Park.

Thanks to my cousin in law, the kids’ first experience of catching crab was easy for me. Like all the kids, I was simply just an observer, learning from my cousin in law.

My cousin in law showing all the kids how to set up the crab trap. All 7 kids (ranging from 2+ to 7 years old) were so attentive.

First, we learnt how to set up the crab trap and tie all the necessary knots. Then, we learn how to put the bait on. It was exciting for my kids as this is their first time. In fact, Emmanuel was so excited that he keeps pulling up the crab trap but it was because the kids were able to find a crab trapped in our net quite often. It was a good day for us as we managed to catch 9 crabs in total, a fish and with a stroke of luck, some shrimps within our 2 hour adventure.

All the kids trying to see our trap in the water. They could exactly spot crabs swimming around the waters.

While waiting, we had our picnic dinner. Didn't get a shot of them eating hungrily.

This is how we store the crabs caught- In one of the kid's sandcastle pail.

Our catch of the day- Flower crabs.

Shrimps, Can't really see them as they are transparent in colour.
This is how they look like. 

While waiting for the crabs to come, we had a picnic and the kids played with bubbles. Other activities could include reading or playing a family game. I would say that all the kids were super happy that day. Most importantly, they learnt something new.

Cheers! It's the weekend.
On Sunday, our catch turned into our dinner and the kids felt a sense of satisfaction as they helped catch our dinner.

We had flower crab with cabbage soup. Super sweet and nice.

Our shrimps were fried with eggs for the kids. 

The highlight of the day was of course, crabbing. But which kid would be able to resist the big attractive playground? So the kids had some fun at the playground too. However, the playground if more suitable for older children as Faith was not really able to climb up and play in the big play structure. She was only able to play with the swing, the sand and was climbing around a bit while running around the area. It always amazing me, how she is able to get other kids with sand toys to share their toys with her. The way she approaches other children, ask for permission to play and then carry on to play with them. Well, I can confidently say, she is never rejected. This is a very important skill to have.

Special thanks to Wendy and family for making this weekend so fun for the kids and for our yummy dinner that chef Wendy cooked.

So this is another weekend activity you can do with your kids.

 But before you go crab catching, don't forget your items:

1) Crab trap (with some ropes) - according to my cousin in law, it can be bought at beach road.
2) Fish Bait - buy the cheapest packet of fish available.I left it outside since morning. It seems the smelly the bait, the better the catch.

3) Tongs to transfer the crabs with.
4) A pail which you can keep the crabs in with some sea water to ensure that they survive longer.
5) A pair of scissors.

Have a good next weekend. And holidays is coming. One more thing to do with the whole family. Cheers!

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