Monday, 17 November 2014

Day 1: Challenge Task 2: Sewing

Day 1
Challenge Task 2: Sewing

I finally introduced sewing to the children today.

Well, I have a lot of slightly dirtied baby clothes at home ( dirtied at the collar area. I'm sure all mummies understand this) and I have kept them in the storeroom to be used as rags. However, some of them have really pretty pictures on them and I simply just bear to use them as rags. 

So guess what?

Grandma just bought a new sewing machine and I have been meaning to learn a new skill........... 
and there...we have our challenge task 2- Learning how to sew, for both mummy and Natalie. 

My lil model, modelling a bag that we just sewed.

We are starting with something really really simple as this is our first attempt at sewing.
Natalie helped to pick out the appropriate material and she suggested what to make it into. Then, I will help her to cut out the shape and sew it up. 

After sewing for the first time, I totally salute those who are able to sew. It seems easy but it is not. we spent about 10 mins deciding what we wanted to sew and I spent about 45 mins just sewing our first bag together. 

1)A simple bag to hang behind the pram
It's just a simple bag for me to hang behind the pram and carry the kids' water bottles, jackets and some tissue papers perhaps.   

2)A lil Handbag for lil Faith 
Next, we found a shirt with this beautiful picture on it and we decided to turn it into a little hand bag for Faith. I totally forgot to take a picture of the shirt before I cut it up. 


Little Faith is so happy with her new handbag.

3) A pouch
After some practice, sewing the pouch was easier. But I spent 30 mins just trying to sew the zip to the pouch. 

4) A Handbag for Natalie

It was a beautiful dress but the white top part of the dress is dirty. But I simply can't bear to throw it away or use it as rag. I've kept it for a long time until I finally dug it out today.
 It was very difficult to sew up the bottom of this bubble dress. It took me several attempts to sew it well.

Natalie is so happy with her new handbag. She can't wait to go out with it.

So challenge task 2 was really challenging, It was not easy to decide on the final products when you are looking at some dirtied blouses and dresses. It was also challenging for me who have to sew for the first time in my life using a sewing machine. We spent 3 hours in afternoon and we are happy with our 4 end products.

By the way, the bags are quite badly sewed. It's just that you can't see it from these pictures. I promise Natalie that I will practice and do better the next time round.

Being a mum, I'm always learning with my children. The next time, I must really think of something that I can sew for my boy. 

So mummies out there, reuse your old clothes and have a great time with your children turning those old clothes into something new and useful.

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