Monday, 17 November 2014

Day 1 of the School Holidays 2014- Challenge Task 1

Day 1 

Challenge Task 1: Make your own breakfast 

It's morning on the first day of their school holiday and they were given a simple task the moment they woke up - make your own breakfast. The kids were naturally excited. Emmanuel started singing the song which he learnt from school. 

Bake, bake, bake a cake
what do we need?
Butter, sugar, egg and flour
that is what we need. 
(Sing it to the tune of 'Row Row Row your boat')

Based on this song , the kids have their recipe for making pancakes. 

Natalie went around the kitchen to gather all the ingredients and led her siblings in making breakfast well I just observed, made no comments during the preparation and enjoyed myself taking photos. So happy to just see them work together as a team to complete the task.

The kids were busy trying to recall the time when they saw me making pancakes and try to duplicate the steps.

Under very close supervision, Natalie handled the stove for the very first time. She hesitated for a while and was afraid to go close. However, after frying her 2nd pancake, she became more confident.

This is Natalie's first pancake.

Ermm.... in the end, the pancake didn't taste fantastic. However, the kids still ate them all up with some maple syrup.

I gave this challenge task to them because I wanted to see how capable they can be at preparing breakfast for themselves. I was seriously just expecting them to go get a piece of cake from the fridge. But they decided to try something more challenging like pancake. Amazing..

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