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Day 3 Challenge Task: Christmas Family Tree

Day 3 Challenge Task: Christmas Family Tree

Presenting our very own, special Christmas Family Tree. Natalie was really the project manager for this. She conceptualized the idea, collected the materials and under her guidance, we managed to put it together. It was a super challenging task but the Christmas Family Tree is simply amazing.

 Let's start with us collecting the materials.

We used the pine cones that we picked up from Bishan Park.

The rest of the materials were simply some twigs and some dried long plants (which we do not know the name) and 2 ping pong balls. 

We painted the pine cone and ping pong ball silver.

We used twigs and made a star out of it. We painted it gold. 

Our star at the top of the Christmas Family tree. 

We made a little round Candy Cane and a reindeer out of the long plant that we found. 

We bought these from Daiso. We wanted to use the beads for making snowflakes using ice cream sticks, but we decided not to.

Back to the most important part of our Christmas Family Tree - representing our family members. We printed photographs of the 3 generations in our family. And suddenly, Natalie has another fantastic idea.

Give each family member a cartoon body. So so so cute.. I totally love this idea!

 Emmanuel insisted on giving himself a skeleton body. All the drawings of our family members with the except of Emmanuel's were done 100% by Natalie. Natalie refuse to draw a skeleton for Emmanuel because she felt it was inappropriate for the family tree. In the end, I had to help Emmanuel draw his skeleton body. 

Finally, we spent a whole day putting the Christmas Family tree together. It wasn't easy getting everything to stick to the wall. Yes, we really spent a whole afternoon just putting it up.

At the end of our 3 days effort, we finally created our very own Christmas Family Tree. The 3 very proud children insisted on taking a picture with their wonderful piece of art work. 

Taking a closer look.

By the way, Faith stood still for about 5 mins so that Natalie can draw her body as what she was wearing exactly.  
Natalie and her siblings
Natalie: "Mummy doesn't need a body as she looks good enough in the picture." Haha... Natalie says it's too difficult to cut out the shape of my hair, so she decided to leave me alone.. Yeah!

Mummy and Daddy


 Finally, we ended our day 3 challenge task of the Christmas Family Tree. I really think that this task is very meaningful, for Christmas, we give thanks that Christ the Saviour was born and for everything we have- our family.


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