Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hama Beads Craft

Hama Beads Craft 

On some days, you may just want to engage your kids while you sit back and relax. So this is one of the activities you can get your kids to do... Hama beads..

Generally, they can be left alone to do the Hama Beads on their own. You purchase the template for certain designs such as flower, bear, dog or princess for the younger kids so that they can work on them independently. For the older kids, I simply gave her a square template and she is free to create anything she wants. 

This activity really trains the child's patience and at the same time, creativity and hand eye coordination. 
Natalie working on her cupcake.

Emmanuel working on his Darth Vader from a square template.

There it is.. the Mask of Darth Vader.

Other designs that the children have made.

Using 2 heart shapes to create a butterfly. 

Finally, I gave them some space on a wall and this is the picture they created. So the kids are free to create more Hama Beads designs to be added onto this wall..

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