Friday, 21 November 2014

Day 5 Challenge Task: Texture Rubbing at the Park

Day 5 Challenge Task: Texture Rubbing at the Park

It's day 5 of the holiday and I decided to keep the challenge task simple because the kids are still busy with their Christmas Family Tree challenge. So I decided to take them to the nearby park, give them some pieces of paper and I got them to simply observe the different texture that can be found at the park. 
Left side rubbing belongs to Natalie, top right row belongs to Faith and bottom right belongs to Emmanuel. 

I allowed them to go explore on their own. But somehow, they decided to stick together and complete the task together. It's so sweet so see the older kids looking after the younger one and teaching her what to shade. 

 They were excited to find that even the "bench" has a unique surface to it.

It's not just about finding the surface to shade on, where you choose to shade is also important. Emmanuel found out that when he shades at certain area, the texture doesn't appear that nicely.

Emmanuel's shading. 

Faith's shading

Natalie's Shading

It's really fun just seeing them explore individually and then calling out to each other when they find something interesting. They ran around alot observing the ground, the tree trunk, the playground and their surrounding and they discovered that the place is so much more interesting.. 

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