Thursday, 30 October 2014

Training Gross Motor Skill

Training Gross Motor Skill

Activity 1:

When my baby would sit up right at about 6 months, I started giving her magazine paper to tear. Tearing will help their finger muscles to develop and hence giving them the strength to do other things. It is definitely difficult for the child to tear the magazine paper, so what I did was to tear it apart slightly, making it much easier to come apart. .

I love that curious face, " What is this?".

Activity 2:

Using her fingers to pick up the coloured balls and put them into a container with a small opening. This trains hand eye coordination. The baby will always try to use her whole palm to try and "catch" the balls. Encourage the baby to use the thumb and index finger.

concentrating hard.

Activity 3: 

Once the baby is better with her hands, give the child tools to manipulate with. For example, a spoon and tweezers.

Scooping "fishballs".
Faith is asked to scoop the balls from the pot into a container. 

Feed that animal.
I am lucky to have this book where all the animals in the book have their mouths literally opened( there is a hole at the mouth section. So I simply gave her the "food" and asked her to feed the hungry animals. This activity teaches the child to use a spoon correctly. An important skills for them to learn so that they can feed themselves soon. 
It is really not easy to use a spoon. 

The child will also try to use her hands to feed instead of using the spoon. But just encourage them.

 Using a tweezer. 

Using a tweezer trains not only their hand muscles, hand eye coordination but is also an important gross motor skill for them to learn to use chopsticks in the future. The motion is about the same. 

 *All activities that contain fur balls or cotton balls must be supervised at all times. 

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