Monday, 20 October 2014

Theme: Plants and Flowers - Spring

 Plants and Flowers - Spring

Activity 1: Experiential Learning 
Bring your children to a garden full of flowers.
I brought my children to Gardens by the Bay (Singapore).
There, the children have use their 5 senses to learn about plants and flowers. 

During the trip: Worksheets designed to guide and record their learning.

Post trip activity: my daughter and I decided to draw this flower.

Natalie (7 yrs old) wrote a poem.

Activity 2: Painting a flower.

Activity 3: Flower Art
click to see more on how to make these flowers.

Activity 4: Multimedia Spring Art

Cupcake cups
coloured cotton balls
scotch tape
felt shapes
ice cream sticks

*give the kids what you can find from your art cupboard and see what they can create for you.

 Activity 5Plants drink water. 

How do you know? See the white flower turning orange after drinking orange water.

 Activity 6Outdoor learning about plants: First we gathered some leaves, flowers or whatever we can find. Then we thought about what we can do with them.
 Natalie made this beautiful artwork. creative rite? Most important thing about outdoor learning is that the kids get to smell different leaves and flower.
 We went around gathering different types of leaves. Natalie did leaf shading and we came home to organise them according to their characteristics.

Emmanuel's favourite type of leaves - toothed edge.

 Natalie likes the smooth and lobed edge leaves.
 Just having so much fun.

Activity 7: Grow some plants and vegetables at home.
Our collection includes Mint plant, wheatgrass, dou miao, kang kong, alfalfa and even lime plant (not in the photo).

Growing wheatgrass is really easy. just scatter the seeds on potting soil, water it everyday and they grow really fast. you can harvest up till 3 times.

 We made wheatgrass juice with it. Yummy..
 I always believe that a child needs to consolidate his learning. So this is a pictorial representation of the process of growing wheatgrass.

Growing Dou Miao ( a kind of vegetable)
 Growing dou miao is not easy because they cannot be too wet and yet they cannot be under direct sun or get too hot. At the same time, not all the seeds will grow.

Growing Kang Kong

Make a simple planting tray with an egg tray. Just remember to create some holes at the bottom to allow extra water to flow out.

Growing green beans are easy but it doesn't last.

We even tried hydroponic. But our Kang Kong vegetable didn't grow.

Growing Alfalfa

Step1: Find a jar or container. Pour in some seeds. Not too much, a little seeds can give you alot of Alfalfa sprouts. *I created holes around the container. Holes small enough for water to flow out only.
Step2: rinse the seeds.
Step3: keep it at a dark and wet place. I kept it in my store room. 
Step4: Rinse it twice a day.
Step5: continue to rinse it until you see Alfalfa sprouts of the size you want. 

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