Monday, 20 October 2014

3D Art and Craft

3D Art and Craft 

Multi-media art encourages creativity in the child. I usually give them some random materials that I can find in my art and craft cupboard and the kids never fail to amaze me with their creativity. Here are some of their creations. 

In the Garden (2+ yr old)

Fairy Land (5yrs old)

For my older girl, I encouraged her to write down what she has created so that she can increase her vocabulary and at the same time learn spelling too.  

 Pencil Shaving Art (7 yrs old)
One day, I was just sharpening the colour pencils and my daughter came and suggested using the pencil shaving. I gave her the pencil shaving and this was what she created. 

Play dough Art  ( 1 yr old)

 3D pop up card (7yr old)

Polar Bear (4 yr old)
Cut a hole in the middle of the paper plate. Stick a clear plastic to cover the hole. Cut out the polar bear and stick on another paper plate. decorate the background. Add some "snow" in. Stick the two paper plates together.

Winter ( 5 yrs old)
Created with black and white clay and play dough. 

A writing task for his creation. 

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