Monday, 20 October 2014

Teaching Counting, Addition and Number Bonds

Teaching Counting, Addition and Number Bonds

This simple home made teaching aid will help visual and kinesthetic learner to learn better.

2 dogs images
some bones
number cards

Activity 1: Counting
Stick the number card on the dog and get your child to pretend to feed it the bones. Tell your child that the dog only wants to eat the number of bones as stated on the number card. This activity is made for children under 3.
To see more activities for children under 3, click on Baby Explorer 0-3.

Activity 2: Addition

To teach addition, simple set up the number of bones for each dog and getting the child to count as they bring the bones back to the bones' dish.

You may choose whether to stick the answer number card(no. 6) on first, or you may get your child to identify the number card. Activity should vary according to your own learning objective and the ability of the child. 

you can even ask your child to write out the number sentence (e.g 1+5 = 6).

Activity 3: Number Bonds

Teaching number bond - the children can then learn the different composition of the number 6 and the different number bond of 6. Notice how the bowls are placed, they are placed according to how the child learns. 

 Get your child to write down the number bonds.

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