Thursday, 30 October 2014

Stimulating Sense of Smell and Taste

Stimulating Sense of Smell and Taste

The sense of smell and taste comes very natural to the child. In fact, there is no need for  you to deliberately design any activity for it. In fact, I started making my baby smell different fruits at about 1 month old. She started tasting papaya at 4 months and the rest of the fruits at 6 months. 

When cutting fruits
For me, my baby used to cut fruits with me. So before I cut up the fruit, I would allow the baby to touch it, smell it  and taste it after that. I try not to over stimulate their senses so I do one fruit a day. Start with fruits such as oranges and lemon. 

Do remember to include fruits (or vegetables) that are: 
  • Sweet - dragon fruit, oranges, papaya
  • Sour - lemon, lime
  • Bitter - bitter gourd is a good and safe option.
  • spicy ( allow them to smell it first and may be not be suitable for too young children to taste.)

For the spicy catergory of food, I am always encouraging my children to just try it. You may not believe it but my 2.5 yr old loves eating black pepper crab. 

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