Friday, 6 February 2015

Rosella Drink- The Flower Power

Rosella Drink- The Flower Power

Rosella drink tastes a little like Ribena. But this natural 'Ribena' has many health benefits. It contains a great lot of vitamin C and is a great immune system booster.

My kids love drinking it ever since my mother in law started boiling it for them. For kids like mine who do not take any vitamins or supplements, this drink is such as good health drink. 

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Fresh Rosella can be bought from the market at the vegetable stall. Of course, not all vegetable stall will sell this flower and this flower is not always available. In fact, the availability of this flower greatly depends on the weather. During wet or windy weather, this flower will not be available. 

For dried Rosella, you can get it from any Chinese Medicinal Hall. If you get the dried ones, usually, the seeds would have been removed for you. 

Personally, I like buying fresh Rosella because I try not to give my kids any processed food.

 For $2, you can get a big packet of Rosella and you can boil a big pot with it.

The method of boiling this drink is very simple as well.

First, remove the petal. Only boil the petals because the seed in the middle is not to be consumed. So ensure that you only peel out the petals.

While peeling the Rosella petals, be careful of the red dye. It can stain your blouse.

Once you get all the petals, rinse it and boil it in a big pot with black sugar or honey sugar. You can control how sweet you want it to be.

 Serve it hot, warm or chilled.. totally up to the preference of your kids.

Enjoy your Rosella drink..

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