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Pineapple Tarts Simple Recipe

Pineapple Tarts Simple Recipe

It's gonna be Chinese New Year soon. This year, to help the children understand the Chinese culture and food better, I have decided to home make all the new year goodies. So first on our list is the pineapple tarts. Special thanks to my lovely sister, Qian Hui for teaching and guiding me on how to bake these yummy pineapple tarts.

  1. 400g Flour
  2. 250g Butter
  3. 40g sugar
  4. 1 egg white + 2 egg yolk (for pastry)
  5. 1 egg yolk ( to glaze)
  6. a pinch of salt
  7. Pineapple Paste Filling


Step 1: Beat the butter till creamy

Step 2: Add sugar and salt. Mix in slowly. 

Step 3: Add egg yolk and white. 

Mix in slowly to prevent the pastry from becoming a lump(Failed). 

 Natalie, the best helper around. She loves baking with me..

Step 4: Pour in the flour and fold it in. Do not use mixer. Do not knock out the air. 

Fold until you get a pastry texture. Test it by using hand to press the pastry. If the pastry sticks together nicely, it is done.

Step 5: Put in fridge for 15 mins. 
Tip: Use a kitchen towel to cover the pastry so as to prevent it from collecting moisture. 

Step 6: Roll Pineapple paste into small balls

This pineapple paste filling is bought at phoonhuat(Clementi) and we love it because it is not too sweet and the filling is very smooth and chewy. 

Tip: For easy handling, cut the paste open from the middle.

Natalie made these pineapple tarts with me. 
 Simply use a spoon, scoop out some pineapple paste and roll it into a 'ball'.
The size and shape is totally up to you. For our family, we like bite size so that we can just pop one into our mouth. We are making the round shape because it's the easiest.

Step 7: Wrap the pineapple paste with pastry
The pastry should like something like the picture above. If it sticks to your hand, use some flour to help you. As there is alot of butter in the pastry, it tends to melt if it's hot and if you leave it out for a long time. Therefore, we took out some at a time and left the rest in the fridge.
 Grab some pastry, roll it into a ball, then Press it out flat.

 Place the round pineapple paste filling at the center.
 Wrap it out.
 Then roll it into a nice round shape.

Step 8: Glaze with egg yolk

Step 9: Bake it for about 30 mins. 

The baking time totally depends on the size of your pineapple tart. Even 30 mins is an estimate because you need to keep a very close lookout. Once you see that your pineapple tart is turning golden or to a colour of your liking, then it's done. If you bake too long, the pastry will be burnt at the bottom and the pineapple paste filling will be harden.   

We found out that exposing the pineapple paste filling makes it hard. So if you want to put your pineapple paste filling outside, you got to experiment with it. I suspect that you might have to bake the pastry for a while before adding the pineapple paste filling. Have fun experimenting. 

Our Pineapple Tart is done. 

 The kids helped to place the pineapple tarts into the containers.

Our Yummy Pineapple Tarts.

Natalie brought a container of pineapple tarts to school and it was all snapped up by her friends within minutes.  She was so happy and satisfied that she could share what she has made with her friends and they simply love it. Most importantly, our home made pineapple tart is not as sweet as the ones being sold outside. So perhaps, healthier?

I always thought that making Pineapple Tarts wasn't gonna be easy. But I was wrong, it was much easier and yummier than I thought. So why not try this simple recipe and let us know how it taste... 

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