Monday, 31 August 2015

TaeKwondo for my very active 5 year old

TaeKwondo for my very active 5 year old.

2 months ago, we started Emmanuel on Taekwondo at Hyun TaeKwondo Academy Singapore (Bukit Timah Plaza) because he was interested to join. To me, taekwondo classes have not come into my mind, until he asked. But when he asked, we immediately agreed, tried out the trial class and signed up right away.
Emmanuel in his white belt.

Somehow, I knew Taekwondo would definitely benefit my very active boy. 

  1. At the very least, the once a week, an hour taekwondo class would allow Emmanuel to spend all his energy for the day. It will save me bringing him to the playground that day.
  2. Secondly, he will learn to take control of his body as the teacher would teach them to sit still or to remain in a certain position. 
  3. Thirdly, taekwondo would allow Emmanuel to keep fit as some of the activities can be very physically demanding. 
  4. Also, Emmanuel would be able to learn self defense at a later stage in taekwondo. 

After Emmanuel started Taekwondo class, he looks forward to it every week. Of course, teacher Kim is very nice and cute looking. He is a native Korean and is the main instructor. More importantly, teacher Kim is very patient. Emmanuel is easily distracted and blur like a sotong as he always cannot remember the steps. However, teacher Kim always encourages him and coaches him patiently. Although teacher Kim is very nice, he is firm with the children during lessons. This is what I really appreciate because Emmanuel really needs teachers who are very firm.  

Teacher Kim and Emmanuel

After 6 lessons, I was informed that Emmanuel is to go for grading. I was surprised and seriously unsure. I told the admin that I was not comfortable with Emmanuel going for his grading because he has only gone for 5 lessons previously and only learnt 5 steps out of the 21 steps. It was only in the 6th lesson that he learnt all the 21 steps. 

Moreover, to my horror, he had only 2 more days to prepare for the actual grading. But the admin lady reassured me that teacher Kim had assessed him and he qualifies for the grading. 

So 2 days later, on 15 August 2015, we turned up at 8.45 am for grading. 

Emmanuel was to be graded for his yellow tip belt. 

The belt progression.

I didn't tell Emmanuel that it was a grading test because I didn't want to stress him. I simply told him that everyone is going to show what they have learnt and that he just has to do his pattern slowly and confidently. 

Getting ready for grading.

Waiting for his turn. 

The grading took place and a week later, the result was out and Emmanuel was awarded his yellow tip belt. I was surprised and very proud of him. 

Emmanuel in his yellow tip belt.

I'm glad that we started him on taekwondo and it looks like he is enjoying it for now. Afterall, we strongly believe that physical development very important. 


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