Thursday, 27 August 2015

DIY Teacher's Day Gift Idea 2015 - Personalized Bookmarks

DIY Teacher's Day Gift Idea 2015 - Personalized Bookmarks

Natalie and I were thinking about how to show appreciation to her teachers for Teacher's Day this year. She wanted something meaningful and more importantly useful. So, we went through a list of things that teachers need - example, red pens, notebooks, files, magnets, markers or even organizers. But she didn't want of that. Then she thought long and hard, and she said that her teachers need a bookmark each. She observed that her teachers usually use pen to put in between pages of the textbooks. However, she didn't want to buy bookmarks either. Suddenly, she remembered learning to weave a bracelet at the Singapore Art Museum during our last visit.

So, she figured that if she weave it longer, it could be a bookmark. To make the bookmark special and unique, we used favourite colours of her teachers and added in the alphabet beads to personalize the bookmark. 

So this is our end product- the personalized bookmarks.

An example of how the bookmark can be used. 

A closer look at the bookmarks.
Each bookmark has a different design, colour and decorated with different beads.

How to make?

I bought the different coloured yarn set from Daiso. Some of the beads are from Daiso as well. My alphabet beads were bought from Thailand. But I'm sure alphabet beads are easily available in Singapore. 

Step 1: Cut the yarn to approximating this length (Using the clip board in the background as an estimate.) Leave a much longer strand of any colour you like. You will be using it to weave.

Step 2: Insert a few beads and tie a knot. This will become the end of your bookmark eventually.

Step 3: Use the clip to hold the top and secure the yarn at their position with scotch tape at the bottom. Do not tape the longest strand.

Step 4: Using the longest strand (Yellow), weave in and out of each strand. 

 Once you reach the end on the right, weave it back to the left. So, just weave from left to right and right to left. Continue until you reach the desire length of your bookmark. 

Step 5: Tie several knots at the end before inserting the alphabet beads. 

Step 6: Tie knots at the end to ensure that the beads will not drop out. 

The final product

Our DIY Teacher's Day Cards

Hope you like our Teacher's Day gift idea.

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  1. Sir I love this site. And thanks for provide this stuff. I searched many times online but now I found this material. Best wishes on Happy teachers day 2015 & Krishna Janmashtami 2015 Live
    Ganesh chaturthi 2015

  2. I like this personalized bookmark gift. It's a nice gift for teachers and those who loves reading, they surely love it. You can also paired this bookmark item with a personalized key chain or mugs from perfect etch
    Thanks for sharing your idea.