Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Learning about Seasons

Learning about Seasons

Today, Faith asked me "what are seasons?". So, I did a set of resources real quick to teach her about seasons. 

Faith was given a green paper for spring, a yellow paper for summer, an orange paper for autumn and a blue paper for winter. She then pasted the images of different seasons onto the correct paper. 

The words are in different colours because Faith is starting to recognise words and I wanted each individual word to stand out on its own. 

For each season, we talked about the weather, the colour, the things that can be found, activities/sports that we do and the clothing that we wear during the season. 

To help her differentiate the seasons, I emphasized a lot on the colour associated with each season. Hence, we did hand/finger printing art for the tree of each season. 
Very happy to get dirty.

Concentrating on finger printing

Spring (Lighter Green)

Summer (Brighter Green)

Autumn (Orange and Yellow)

Winter ( no leaves, just white to represent snow)

I wanted her to associate the different seasons with a very specific image, so I got her to colour the images for each seasons using the colours associated with the seasons that she learnt in the earlier activity of hand/finger printing. 

Flower for spring. 

Sun for summer. 

Maple leaf for autumn.

Snowman skiing for winter.  

For this set of resources on seasons, just click on the link below, download, print and have fun!!
Learning about Seasons:

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