Thursday, 8 October 2015

Word Recognition Art and Game

Word Recognition for 3 year old

For Faith, I have been focusing on word recognition lately and while reading to her, I realized that like my other children at that age, she can't differentiate each individual word clearly yet. Hence, in order to help her differentiate the individual word, we did this little art and craft, and word game activity.  

Basically, she used the scissors of different edges to cut out shapes. The different edged scissors just makes her shapes a little more interesting. I am encouraging her to cut paper using a pair of scissors in order to train her motor skills. 

Faith used the cut out shapes to form random items.

For the butterfly, I have to help her to cut out the shape of the wings because she had great difficulty trying to cut out the shape. Yet, she insisted on making a butterfly. 

After completing her art, I wrote out the sight words and the vocabulary on different coloured papers. Identical sight words are written on a specific coloured paper. 

e.g. The word "This" is on green coloured paper. 
       The word " is" is on pink coloured paper.
       The word " a" is on yellow coloured paper.
       The vocabulary word/noun is on light green coloured              paper. 

Through this activity, I hope to help her see that a sentence is made up of several individual words. Moreover, the sentence structure would become more apparent to her.

I mixed them up randomly and began my word game. Faith have to pick out the words that I asked for. 

I asked her to identify each word to form the sentences. 

After learning to recognize each word, I mixed up the words again and got her to form the sentences by herself this time round. 

After getting the sentence right, she is allowed to paste the words on her art piece. 

This is an easy activity for word recognition. All you need is some coloured paper, a pair of scissors and a black marker. 

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