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Stickerkid Review and 10% Discount {Sponsored}


Time flies!!! 
Faith will be going to Nursery 2 and Emmanuel will enter Primary 1 next year.

The fascinating thing is that Faith is starting to worry about me being alone. 

Faith: " Mummy, next year I'm going to school already. Yeah!!( in excitement). Then Jie Jie and kor kor will go to their school. Then Mummy, you are very poor thing. When I go to school, you got no baby to look after already. But never mind, you just go shopping or go lunch or stay at home and watch your show. When I'm done, you come and fetch me. Then I'll be home with you again ok? I will go to school and come back quickly. You don't worry ok? "

They are growing up so fast. 
Anyway, back to the main point, I am starting to get them ready for school next year. Last year, I wrote an article " Useful Tips for Preparing for Primary School" and the its first tip is to have personalised name labels for books and personal items. 

This year, I'm so happy that Stickerkid provided us with the name labels for Faith and Emmanuel. After trying out the product for one month, these are the reasons why I would recommend Stickerkid. 

1. Ordering is as easy as ABC

a) The ordering process took less than 10 mins of my time and it was hassle free. Hassle Free....this is seriously an important point for me because this means I don't have to bring 3 monkeys..opps.. I mean kids, physically down to the shop that I used to buy these name labels from and try to select the design I have, and then, struggle to write down the names I want printed on the stickers. Well, parents,  you perfect know what I mean and I don't have to elaborate. So yes, ordering online is as much easier. 

b) Moreover, the website is super user friendly (Click to enter Stickerkid official site).

All you need to do is: 

  • Select the pack that you want. 
  • Type in the name you want printed on the stickers.
  • Select the colour and the font for it. 
  • Click Order and then pay for it. 

That is it. Simple and Easy.  

Getting the kids involved is easy as well, as they just needed to tell me what colour they want and the "logo" (cartoon picture) that they would like on the sticker. Of course, Emmanuel chose his favourite animal, the Penguin. 

2. Fast Delivery
What is even better is that the delivery was like super fast. I really don't know exact how fast they were. But the stickers were in my letterbox the next time I collected my mails right after my order. I was really impressed with the speed that I received these stickers. Previously when I ordered from the shop, I had to wait for 1-2 weeks to collect the name labels. So, this is really really fast.. 

3. Value for Money 

We are always looking for things that are good and value for money. Aren't we? I would think that stickerkid is good and affordable. Considering the fact that it saved me a lot of time and it was hassle free. But there are 2 packs that I find it most value for money. 

The first one is a basic pack of 94 stickers pack for just $19.95. It consists of 60 small name labels, 14 shoe stickers and 20 clothing stickers. If you are trying stickerkid for the first time and just want to test out the quality, this is the basic pack for you. Below is the link for you.

The second one is "My First Pack" of 154 stickers for $49. It consists of 32 large stickers, 14 shoes stickers, 60 small stickers and 48 clothes stickers. For more information, you can check it out at http://www.stickerkid.sg/sg_en/my-first-pack-kindergarten-stickers-labels-clothes-shoe.html

4. The stickers are very useful and attractive.

At Stickerkid, you can find stickers of different function. 
They have the basic name labels for items such as water bottles, pencil case, etc... They also have shoes stickers and clothes stickers. It comes it different sizes as well. You can even print the photo of your child on the sticker. Perhaps, for preschoolers, seeing their own photo will be the best way to identify their items.

Well, for me, I didn't even think of shoes and clothes stickers. I have previously just used fabric marker to label my eldest daughter's uniform and shoes. But now, I can just iron on the clothes stickers for my son and stick the shoes stickers on. It saves me time again. For all mummies, you know how important saving time is. We all have 24 hours and with kids, time is never enough. 

When the stickers arrived and I opened up the mail, my kids rushed to me because they saw that I was looking at something interesting. The colour and cartoon was what attracted them. The colour of the stickers were very bright and very attractive. Moreover, it has my son's favourite penguin inside. In fact, he doesn't want me to use those stickers and asked if he can just keep them. That is how attractive the stickers are. 

Faith is happy to label her belongings.

5. Quality of the stickers 
For me, quality is important. I took about a month to write this review because I want to try out the product before recommending it to other parents. I must say that the quality is impressive. As I have used other name labels before, I can confidently say that the quality of stickerkid is much better. When I peeled off the first sticker, I can already feel the difference. The label is not made of normal sticker material. Instead it is malleable and flexible. I can stretch it a little as well.

For me, I decided to put those stickers to test. I only ordered the name labels for Faith, but her schoolbag for next year is made of fabric. So, I decided to test if those normal name labels (not clothes stickers) can be used on her fabric schoolbag. To my pleasant surprise, it stuck very nicely and is still there after a month. 

To test the product even further, I use the sticker meant for clothes and iron it onto Emmanuel's school bag for next year. And it works too. 

Ironing on the fabric sticker onto Emmanuel's jacket is so easy. I simply set the iron to the heat for wool, I place a small sheet of baking paper above the sticker and iron it on. I took less than 10 seconds for it to stick. So easy.

For those shoes stickers, I have finally persuaded Emmanuel to try it out on a pair of sports shoes that he is wearing. 

Overall, we are satisfied customers. Just look at the smile on their faces. 

 I will order more of these stickers for my kids. 

Try stickerkid today and get at 10% discount from here. 

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This 10% discount is only valid till the end of this year (31 Decemeber 2015). So, do it fast..

I hope you find this post useful.
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