Monday, 5 October 2015


Simile: A simile is a direct comparison between two unlike things.

Simile can be useful to describe people or things during writing. 

Natalie was doing a worksheet on this and I decided to compile a list for her for easy reference. 

As fat as a pig

As crafty as a fox

As timid as a mouse

As wise as an owl

As loud as thunder

As white as snow

As proud as a peacock

As colourful as a rainbow

As cool as a cucumber

As graceful as swans

As fast as a hare

As brave as a bear

As big as an elephant

As black as coal

As blind as bat

As busy as a bee

As clear as crystal

As easy as ABC

As fresh as a daisy

As gentle as lamb

As heavy as lead

As innocent as a lamb

As light as a feather

As playful as a kitten

As quick as lighting

As regular as clockwork

As stiff as a board

As stubborn as a mule

As sweet as pie

As tall as a giraffe

As agile as a monkey

As slow as a snail

As mad as a hornet

As quick as silver

As sick as a dog

As silent as the grave

As tough as old boots

As white as a ghost

As alike as two peas

As delicate as a flower

As silly as a goose

As free as a bird

Simile- Lenka's song-"everything at once" is useful for teaching simile.
As mean as a wolf
As sharp as a tooth
As deep as a bite
As dark as the night
As long as a road
As ugly as a toad
As hard as nails
As grand as a whale
As cold as ice
As old as time
As stealthy as a tiger
As sly as a fox
As strong as an ox
As neat as a word
As quiet as a mouse

As big as a house

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