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Useful Tips for Preparing for Primary School

Preparing for Primary School..

Preparing for Primary School is alot of work. Just to share some useful tips to help you prepare your kids for Primary School, especially if you are first time parents with a child going in to Primary 1 next year.

1. Personalised name labels for books. 
Have both the Chinese and English name printed on so that you can stick it on all the textbooks, workbooks, files and exercise book. To me, any name label will do. This set of name labels is enough to be used for 2 years.

Name labels for books
I got the small labels for stationary.

The name labels that I got is about $5 for about 150 stickers. Different price for different sizes.

A nearby photo developing shop would most probably to be to create these personalised name labels for you. Start hunting for one now as it takes about 1 week to make. With these name labels, you no longer need to physically write the name on each book.

Another advantage of name labels is that, if your 2nd child needs to use the books, just stick another name label over. Neat and Tidy.

Many have asked where to find these name labels. 
A more convenient way will be to order name labels from Stickerkid. Read the my review on Stickerkid and get a 10% discount if you order before 31 December 2015. The quality of the name labels from Stickerkid is really good. Try it out today.

2. Make a name stamp for the Chinese word cards. 

Primary School students now have to use chinese word cards for their Mandarin lessons. I had a nice time writing my daughter's name on each and every card because I couldn't get the name stamp in time for her school. So don't repeat my mistake. Make one now as it takes about 1 week to get it done. It will be much simpler and definitely faster to just stamp the cards.

3. Textile marker for uniform, socks, shoes. 

My sister bought my a Lyra Textile Marker because she knew that I will need it. The textile marker can be used on uniform, socks and every shoes. Please label the uniform, socks and shoes because they do remove them in school- for example, during music lesson or during a performance.

Forget about the fabric stickers. Some of my friends used fabric stickers and it's not surprising that they do not last. They either fall off due to washing or the kids just simply peel them off. So use textile markers.

The textile markers are permanent and surprisingly, after one whole year of washing, the name is still there and very clear. Just take a look at the photo of the sock which I just took.

4. Buy a school bag that is appropriate for your child. 

There are 2 things to consider when buying a school bag.

Number 1 being the size. Some kids have bag so big that they can hardly carry them on their back. They have to hunch and that is very straining for their back. But at the same time, I don't believe in ergonomic bags as well because I think the kids should just carry what they can. So, a medium size bag would be appropriate for a normal child. The bigger the bag, the more things they will carry in them and the heavier it will become. With good bag packing habits, your child wouldn't need to carry that many books to school. In fact, for my daughter's school, the teachers keep the books in school for them. Which I thought that the strategy is very useful.

Number 2: Buy a bag that is durable, not something just pretty. The bag that my daughter uses is just $40 which I bought from a sports shop. Very durable. She used it for one whole year (though there are some minor wear and tear). Some of my friends went through 3 -4 school bags within a year. 

5.  Telephone number card.

Create a nice card with all the important telephone numbers on it. Make sure the card can fit into your child’s wallet. I laminated the card as it is intended for long term use. I created 3 of such telephone cards- one to be in the wallet, one in the school bag and one in the file. This is to make it faster and more convenient in case the child needs to call us during an emergency.

In the card, I included:
Mummy’s Hp
Daddy’s Hp
Home telephone number
Grandmother’s Hp
Grandmother’s home telephone number.

I give her all several numbers just in case one of us is engaged at the moment and is unable to answer the call. At least she will have other options.

6. Buy 2 pairs of school shoes

I bought 2 pairs of school shoes so that there is ample time for each pair to dry when I wash them. Sometimes, in the case of wet weather, at least your child will have a dry pair to wear the next day.

Buy shoes of the right size. Don't buy one size bigger. 

Like some mothers, I always think that buying one size bigger is better because the kids can wear them longer. It's a big mistake that I made when my girl went to P1. As I found out, they do alot of physical activities in school - for example, PE, dancing and they do a lot of running around (like playing chasing during recess), so big shoes made her very clumsy. Anyway, they use the shoes so much that after half a year, they need to buy new ones. So no point having a bigger size shoes when it can only last for half a year. 

I hope these tips help. For mummies who have more tips.. please feel free to add on...

Enjoying preparing for school.. 

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