Saturday, 20 December 2014

Let it snow!

Let it snow, Let it snow, 
Let it snow. 

A simple snow making recipe for the kids to have fun while I'm busy preparing for our Christmas gatherings.

All you need is 
1) Baking powder ( I only used 2 bottles of baking powder to get this amount of snow.)
2) Conditioner (yes, hair conditioner.)

The kids are pouring the Baking Powder in a container.  

 I just add some conditioner (random amount) and the kids started mixing it up.

 We mix until we got a 'snow' texture.

Just before I know it, the kids invited Olaf and Penguin to our snow party.  Very soon, other animals came to join us too.

Try making snow at home.. it's easy, no mess and fun. 

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