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Theme: Raising Global Awareness (Part II: Lil Learning Booklet )

Theme: Raising Global Awareness (Part II) 

My lil learning booklet, for the kids to keep busy before and during the trip.  I believe that this learning booklet can help the children to learn better.  Please allow me to share what I have in my learning booklet. It looks like a lot of work, but it is really not. (oops..a very teacher kinda booklet.)

Anyway, I was just doing research for our holiday and all I did was to cut and paste some information, then simplify it for the kids.

Basically, I wanted the children to be more aware of the Thai culture, people, history, religion, folk stories, geography and some fun facts. I hope this will just be a start for them to learn even more during the trip. 

Section 1: Pre-Trip Activities
This section will help to prepare the kids for the holiday as they are suppose to go find out some facts about the country. Basically, I just ask simple questions to get the children interested.

I thought what was more interesting for the kids was that they needed to think about phrases that they wanted to know and we really had fun trying to learn them. The kids wanted to learn the following phrases in Thai: 

Thank you
Where is the restroom?
How much?
Where can I find toys?

It was really fun learning these phrases with them. 

Section 2: At the Airport
Section 2 aims to get the children to be more aware about what is going on in the airport. This will keep them busy while we check in. 

Section 3: On the Plane
This section includes a range of activities to keep the children engage on the plane for the duration of just over an hour. I have no busy bag for my kids but I hope this booklet and a small box of coloured pencil will keep them learning and busy enough.

Activity 3 is about places of interest that we might visit during the trip and I thought it will be a good idea to allow the children to read up and then decide on the places where they want to go to first. 

Section 4: At Krabi
Basically, this is where the kids will record what happens during the holiday. For our previous holiday, I always make them record on pieces of paper, hoping that when we returned home, we will reorganise the information. But not surprising, it never happens. These pieces of paper which records what we ate, where we went, when we went were always lost after awhile. 

So this holiday, I decided to keep their travel journal in this booklet. This will make it easier for me to keep it when we are back and there is not need to reorganise the information. 

Travel Journal is important to me because I believe the kids will forget after a while. So keeping a Travel Journal keeps them to remember better. Anyway, the Travel Journal is something very simple and they only need to record the food and the places of interest and just some simple reflection on what they have learnt. They have a page for everyday of the holiday. 

Section 5: On the Flight Back Home

On the flight back home, this is where the kids will do a longer reflection. Kids tend to forget very easily and I just want to help them remember better. For this reflection, the writing task is for my 7 year old. My 5 year old can just draw and write simple sentences.

After they are done with their final reflection, they can read this Thai Folk Story which I found online. And hopefully, by the time they are done, we will be home in Singapore. 

By the way, the sample that you have just seen is for my 7 year old daughter. For my 5 year old, I have modified it slightly, making it simpler for him. So he is not expected to write so much. For my 2 year old, her version is much simpler. Instead of all the blanks, the "answers" are given to her in pictorial form so that she can pick up new vocabulary along the way. I kept the readings as I can read to her. But she is still expected to draw and colour. Just to keep her engaged when I need a break. 

I hope with this learning booklet, the trip will be more meaningful for the children and they will be engaged along the way. Perhaps, you may think that this is too elaborate. But it is really not. When you just doing, it is really easy as most of them are found online and all you need to do is copy and paste. In no time, you will have created your own learning booklet for your trip. :)

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