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Our Great American Vacation @ T3 Singapore Changi Airport { Learn, Food, Fun }

Our Great American Vacation @ T3 Singapore Changi Airport 
Learn, Food & Fun

Going to America seems to be on everyone's bucket list. Well, my hubby and I are planning a trip to America, Las Vegas alone (without the kids) end of next year. So exciting!!! It's suppose to be our second honeymoon. And we want some couple time. We were planning to go end of this year to celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary. However, due to issue of childcare arrangement, we have to postpone it to next year.

Of course, the kids want to go to America with us. Well, they can't go on the actual trip with us, but we can at least bring them for a trip to the Great American Vacation at Changi Airport. So here is our family trip to "Amercia"  at Terminal 3 Department Hall( Changi Airport) where we learnt more about America, had good food and lots of fun. 

Learning about the United States of America

At "The Great American Vacation", we learnt a lot about America. Did you know that the United States of America actually have 50 states in total? Yes, the USA consists of 50 states and it is actually 13.7 times the size of Singapore. 

 Here is a map of the USA. 

And Las Vegas ( the place we want to go to) is in the state of Nevada. 

Also, at "The Great American Vacation", we visited some of the cities in America- San Francisco, Texas and also Chicago. 

The kids were thrilled to find out that Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory is actually real and in America. I'm sure they are going to request to visit this chocolate factory really soon. 

Connecting Singapore to the world. 

We have 54 weekly services operated by 3 airlineslinking Singapore to major cities in the US. In the next 2 years, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines are going to introduce direct non stop services to the US. We will be able to fly direct to San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles by 2018. 

Here are some other interesting facts about America.

Food, food, food!! 

How can we go on a holiday and visit a place without trying out their food?????
So, Natalie found her way and tried out some cheese at the cheese sampling station. 

So yummy and delicious. We got to taste 3 different types of cheese. 

Next, they spotted a popcorn and cotton candy station. This must be one of the most popular station at Changi Airport now. By the way, the cheese, popcorn and cotton candy are all complimentary. 

Fun, fun, fun and more fun

Going on a holiday means having fun. So here is the fun part. 

Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson is the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer. It is founded in 1903 by William S. Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson. 
Today, you can "ride" on the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Here is my little boy on the big Harley Davidson bike. He looks so cool.  

The Carnival 

Join in the fun at the carnival at T3 department Hall and Basement 2. 

Simply spend $60 at Changi Airport (a maximum of 2 same-day receipts) and you can get a pass for your child to get on 3 rides (once per ride) -  the carousel,  train ride and galloping horse. 

The first ride: The Carousel
We started with the carousel ride. Look at those happy faces. 

The second ride: The Train Ride
Driving the train in America is so much fun for the little boy. Natalie is happily enjoying the ride and the "breeze" at the back.  

The kids really enjoyed the train ride. It goes on a relatively big round and the kids enjoyed the speed the most. 

Emmanuel says that this is as fast as a bullet train. Yes, compared to other train rides, this train is as fast as a bullet. 

The third Ride: Galloping Horse
It's time for the kids to do some exercise.
Gallop, gallop, gallop. 

Faith is so happy on her small. little yellow lion. 

 Natalie picked a unicorn. 

Emmanuel decided to be a cowboy and he calls himself "Woody". 

Complimentary Hand/Face Painting
At basement 2, your child can also get a complimentary face or hand painting. You can choose your own design. The girls just simply love this.  

So, we had a great family "vacation" @ The Great American Vacation at T3 Singapore Changi Airport.  

Here is a quick summary

Where : Terminal 3 Departure Hall & Basement 2
When: 11 March- 3 April 2016 ( 12 pm - 11pm daily)

What to do: 

  1. Carnival Rides
      Date: 11 – 20 March, 25 – 27 March and 2 - 3 April 2016
      Time: 12pm to 11pm

      Carousel - Terminal 3, Public, Departure Hall Level 2 (Immigration Area)
      Galloping Horses and Train Ride - Terminal 3,Basement 2 (Opposite Kopitiam)

How to redeem passes to the Carnival Rides: 
Simply spend $60 at Changi Airport (a maximum of 2 same-day receipts) and you can get a pass for your child to get on 3 rides (once per ride) -  the carousel,  train ride and galloping horse. 

2. Treat yourself to some carnival fun with free candy floss and popcorns, face painting, balloon sculpting, and California cheese sampling.

       Date: 11 – 20 March, 25 – 27 March and 2 - 3 April 2016
      Terminal 3, Public, Departure Hall Level 2  
           Free candy floss and popcorns (3 - 5pm)
           Balloon sculpting is available (7 - 9pm)
           California cheese sampling (12 – 9pm)

      Terminal 3, Public, Basement 2 (Opposite Kopitiam)
           Face painting (12 – 11pm)

3. Harley-Davidson Experience Zone

      Feel what it is like to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.You can put on the Gear VR and hop on Harley Davidson’s motorcycles on display to experience the ride to freedom!

So if you are thinking of where to bring your kids this holiday, why not bring them to "America" at Terminal 3 Changi Airport for a short "vacation". 

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