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Disney On Ice 2016: Magical Ice Festival {Part II}

Disney On Ice 2016: Magical Ice Festival {Part II}

2 more days left to catch the Disney on Ice: Magical Ice Festival!!!

Quick! Get your tickets today and catch the next show before it's too late. 

           Here is the schedule for the last 2 days. 
                 19 March 2016: 11am /3pm /7pm
                 20 March 2016: 11am/ 3pm

Previously, I listed  some reasons why my family catches the Disney on Ice show year after year. Yet again, Disney On Ice: Magical Ice Festival continues to amaze us in many ways.

So yes, the following are the reasons why love watching Disney On Ice: 

1. It's a chance to dress up. 

This is Faith trying out all her princess costumes the day before the show. 

" I can't decide which princess to be!!!" (Faith)



Sleeping Beauty




Our Outfit of the Day: 

Faith - Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
Natalie - Rapunzel 
Emmanuel - Spiderman

Well, Emmanuel is a little awkward since Spiderman is not a Disney character. But he claims that it's not easy getting a Disney costume for boys. I must say I do agree with him.  

Who am I??? Want to make a guess who I am suppose to dress up as? 

The answer is....... I'm suppose to be a witch because I'm in black. So....after watching the show, I'm.....actually...URSULA!!!!

And we had a really good laugh.
The kids really had fun dressing up. Since they are only young once, they are allowed to be a princess once in a while. 

2. The skating is absolutely awesome. 
The skating sequences were absolutely fantastic. Each and every dance, pair skating and synchronized skating were all so well choreographed. Watch it for yourself here... 

Warning: If you are intending to watch the show, please do not watch the following video. 

The Little Mermaid - Under the Sea

I love this song. In fact, for every single Disney on Ice show, I am always looking forward to this song. And yes,  for all the Disney On Ice show that my family have watched so far, "under the sea" has always been performed.

The luminous performance was simply amazing. There was so much live, fun and colour in this section. It was as though the jelly fish, star fish, sea horses and the stingrays were really swimming in the sea. I watched the video that I took at least 10 times since I'm home. It's simply beautiful. 

Frozen - Love is An Open Door 

The pair skating was superb. There was so much chemistry between the two skaters. It was such a pleasure just watching them skate.  

Although we have watched Disney On Ice many times, it's  a different experience every time. This time, we had a pleasant surprise. They added a little acrobatic act. WOW!! really WOW!!! We really didn't expect that. 

By the way, all the photographs cannot capture the full beauty of the performance. As I took these photographs using my Iphone, the quality is not as good. Therefore, the real performance is so much more impressive and spectacular. I will try to upload the videos real soon. 

3. It's a sing-along session every single time. 
Of course, all the kids and perhaps the adults were all waiting for THE SONG... you know.. that song... yes.. LET IT GO. The kids were all singing along. My 4 year old - Faith was singing along all the way. 

For me, I really enjoyed the performance this time because they really performed some of my favourite songs from the Disney cartoons which may not be as popular. For instance, they actually did Belle (song).

Little town, it's a quiet village
Every day like the one before
Little town full of little people
Waking up to say...


There goes the baker with his tray, like always
The same old bread and rolls to sell
Every morning just the same
Since the morning that we came
To this poor provincial town

Another of my favourite song is "I've Got A Dream" from Tangled.

This time round, they really had a good selection of songs to perform. 

4. The costume and the set is beautiful.

The costume were all very beautiful and colourful. They were well made and I must say it is definitely a high budget production. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, take a look at those picture. 

The set looks simple, yet it is full of wonders. It's amazing how quickly the set can change to the different Disney cartoon. The colour and the background changes accordingly very quickly. 

For instance, the performers pulled the blue cloth off to reveal the under the water scene. 

Moreover, there are many props which excite the audience. For instance, Prince Eric actually entered the stage on a boat.

Even the animals - Maximus (horse from Tangled) and Sven (Reindeer from Frozen) made their appearance on stage. The children were naturally excited. In fact, they cheered very loudly for Sven. 

During Tangled - I See The Light, the lanterns really did "float up". The scene was beautifully created. Look at those lanterns. 

I was seriously impressed by Elsa's frozen castle. Disney on Ice put in so much effort in details that Else actually had the "ice stairs" and an "ice roof".  

It was also "snowing". 

It was also quite cool how they used the lights to create different background for the setting. Look how the scene switched to be in the jungle for Beauty and the Beast (below). 

Just look at the stage. So colourful, so attractive, so pretty. It was as if we were really at Arendelle. Really impressive. 

It was a magical night for our family. It was a night of wonderful skating, great songs, beautiful set and many happy children.  

If you are there, don't forget to grab some "souvenirs". There are many stalls selling all sorts of Disney items. My kids just couldn't resist buying those cute cups. Natalie got herself a Frozen cup while Emmanuel got himself an Olaf cup. 

The cups are very lasting. The last Ariel cup that Natalie bought 4 years ago is still being used. So it's really high quality items. 

We really enjoyed the show and we look forward to our next Disney on Ice show. So if you have not bought the tickets, don't wait anymore. Buy them now and watch the next show. There are still 5 shows left for this year. 

                19 March 2016: 11am /3pm /7pm
                 20 March 2016: 11am/ 3pm

Book your tickets and let the magic begin!!!

Disclaimer: I have been sponsored with a set of 5 tickets to Disney on Ice: Magical Ice Festival for the purpose of this review. However, I have been watching Disney on Ice since 2012. All opinions on this blog post are mine. 

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