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A Review and Giveaway of 'A Night of Magic at Raffles ' by Joe Labero.

A Review and Giveaway of  'A Night of Magic at Raffles ' by Joe Labero.

Last Saturday, my family and I had a magical night watching 'A Night of Magic at Raffles' by Joe Labero. It is indeed rare to find a show which my family of 3 generations( my kids, my husband and I, and my parents) really enjoyed.

Well, I was always very fascinated with the idea of 'magic' since young. The 'mysterious' and what seems to be a 'supernatural force' never fails to arouse my curiosity as a child.  It was only when I grow up that I learnt that magic equals science and illusion. But I want my kids to discover this on their own.

I want them to enjoy the wonder of magic as I did as a child. This was why I brought them to 'A Night of Magic at Raffles'. The performance totally exceeds my expectation. It not only arouse the curiosity of my children but it got my parents, my hubby and especially me fascinated once again. I thought I have outgrown the fascination ever since I watched 'breaking the magician's code', but the performance by Mr Joe Labero was outstanding and got me curious again. We were so full of wonder that my hubby and I went home and searched online for some time to try and "break his magician's code'. As for my father, he is still talking about the performance days after watching it. 

What my family says about the performance: 

" The performance was so amazing. There is magic everywhere. I love the whole show. Before the show, I wasn't sure if I would like the show, but after the first act, I was excited to keep on watching the rest of the magic tricks. I definitely would go for more magic shows in the future." 

                                                                                                                                                   Natalie [ age 8] 

" I love the part where the magician walked into the mirror and disappeared. It's like the Phantom."                                                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                                            Emmanuel [age 6] 

"The most unforgettable part of the show was when the magician chained 3 rings taken from 3 random audience together. How is that possible? That really left me thinking for quite a long time."

                                                                                                                                 Mr Ho [my father age 55]

"The words dexterity and control sum up the performance perfectly. From the fire juggling and acrobatics by the co-performers to the sleigh of hand performed by Joe Labero himself, it was an entertaining one and a half hour experience performed by highly trained professionals"

                                                                                                                       Augustine [ my husband age 38]  

As for me, I really enjoyed the atmosphere created in the Jubilee Hall. It was as if, I was transported to a magical world. The music and the lighting were very well coordinated and complemented the performance, adding to the magical and mysterious atmosphere.  

Moreover, I took this opportunity to show my children around the colonial styled- Raffles Hotel and shared with them about the History of the hotel. The Raffles Hotel was opened in Singapore in 1887 and named after Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of modern Singapore. However, it was not always a hotel but was previously a private house.This hotel was built during the colonial era and hence, I got the children to walk around and observe the architecture. The two children even took the lift several times and talked about 'how special the lift was'. 

Another highlight of the night was interacting with the magician and the rest of the performers. The kids enthusiastically went to take picture with Mr Joe Labero.  During the performance, the two children managed to pick up the special poker cards which Mr Joe Labero threw to the audience. Hence, when they met Mr Joe Labero, they requested for his autograph. 

After getting the autograph of the magician, we walked around to talk to the other performers. We thanked them for their wonderful performance and took pictures with them as well. 

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves and had a truly wonderful night. 'A Night of Magic at Raffles' by Joe Labero is a show for people of all ages, from young to old.  

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