Thursday, 29 May 2014

Vocabulary Board

Vocabulary Board

Visual Learning is essential for young children. The children need to see visuals in order to learn. Therefore, a vocabulary board will be a visual display of the vocabulary that the children are suppose to learn. 

The theme is changed every once a month. 

Theme: Art and History
In this theme, famous artists and different expression of art is being introduced. Also, for example for the painting of Guernica, I will tell the children the History of the painting- about the Nazis and the Spanish Civil War. 

Theme: Three Letter Words
Differentiate learning: 
First, I got my 2 younger children to come out with as many three letter words as possible. Once they are done, I will get my eldest daughter to input words that the younger ones missed out. In this simple activity, about 120 three letter words are being introduced.  

For my 2 year old, she will just need to read simple words and she will get a sticker. 

For my 5 year old, he will need to write these words into his vocabulary book and be able to read them before he gets a stick for each word on his vocabulary book. 

For my 7 year old, the challenging task is that she will need to create a story or rhyme using these three letter words.

Theme: Winter

My 3 children had to come up with all the words they know about the theme. Once done, mummy will input more difficult vocabulary. After which, we will try to categories them. The kids will go through the words everyday and my eldest daughter, Natalie will have to write a story using these words..

Theme: My Neighbourhood

I use this as a pre-activity before the actual exploration of our neighbourhood. This can be used as a tool to activate the prior knowledge of the children before adding on to more vocabulary on this theme. 

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