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The Boy Who Cried Wolf {A Production of I Theatre} Review

The Boy Who Cried Wolf {A Production of I Theatre}

Every little child have heard the story of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. But this time, it's a different experience as we watched the story unfolded on stage. My 2 younger ones were excited to watch it. Well, my eldest girl was not as enthusiastic at first, but after the show, she had a different opinion. As it turns out, 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' was as good as 'The Way Back Home' (the previous production from ITheatre).

The Costume

The soft and flurry looking costumes of the sheep were very attractive.  It caught not only the children's attention, but also mine.

 "I like the sheep. They are so cute. I want to touch the fur on them." This is what my little girl said of the costume. So obviously, the production team have succeeded designing the characters.


The Stage and Space

It may seem like a normal stage but it was full of surprises. The sheep could "go up" the hill and graze. 

The different levels on the stage generated more visual interest. The production team have used the space on stage brilliantly to excite the audience as the action is not only limited to the ground level. Hence the audience have to look around the stage to see the whole action. Look out for the wolf who will come from the top!!!

Interactive Theatre and appealing to the senses

"WAKE UP!!!!" 
Suddenly, the shepherd jumps up. 

Yes, every time when the shepherd is about to doze off, you will hear all the children shouting "WAKE UP!!!"
This is the most fun part of the Itheatre production. The audience are always involved in the play. To the children, they felt delighted to be involved. The interactive part transforms the audience to participants.  This is the part where my children look forward to when they attend the productions of Itheatre

"If you lie again, you will go to the naughty corner" said the school teacher to the shepherd. The theatre burst out laughing. No prizes for guessing why. The script is so well written and there is something that the children could identify with easily. In this case, they were so amused that the shepherd was warned and being threatened with the "naughty corner". 

The brilliant use of lights and sound conveyed the appropriate mood. For instance, the sound of the siren and flashing lights were used to convey a sense of emergency and urgency. It got my kids so worked up that they straightened themselves up in their seats to ensure that they caught all the actions on stage.

The umbrella dance was a great visual spectacle. When the characters started opening up the colourful umbrellas one by one as the music plays, the eyes of the audience were glued to the stage. The dance was well choreographed - the spinning and swinging of the umbrellas were simply beautiful. We were captivated. 

There is even a mini puppet show embedded in the play. The puppet show was there to serve the purpose of teaching the shepherd not to lie because of the consequences. But more important, the puppet show broke the monotony. It was a nice touch.  

Educational Value
"Sheep are vegetarians. They only eat grass."
"Sheep are useful because they produce wool. Wool are used to make clothes to keep humans warm."
"It is a sheep in wolf's clothings."
"....inquisitive.... oh... being inquisitive means curious."

These are some of the things the children will learn as they watch the play. To me as a parent, this has definitely added value to the play. While being entertained, the children are also learn some general knowledge and vocabulary. I guess, this can really be classified as "edutainment". 

What my children say of the play

"Can I watch this again? Please?? Mummy, I really want to watch it again. Can I come watch it again, please?" 

Obviously, Faith have been bought over by the production. She is already a fan and looking forward to watching the next show - The Rainbow Fish. She even walked to the reception counter and helped herself with 'The Rainbow Fish' pamphlet when we came out of the theatre

'Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister have been one of her favourite story and we have done it as part of our Literature-Based Learning. It would definitely be exciting for Faith to watch "The Rainbow Fish" and learn more about the joy of sharing. 

"There will be bad/serious consequences for lying." This is the main message being conveyed in the play. It was so well delivered across that after the play, my boy told me that "I must not lie" in a very serious tone. I'm glad he learnt such an important lesson. 

"What do you think, Natalie?"
" It was fun. It was not as boring as I expected it to be." 
Well, to a 9 year old girl, she thinks that these shows are for preschoolers and hence "boring".

"Would you like to come with us to the next show?"
"Of course, count me in."
So obviously, the show is suitable for preschoolers to primary school-ers. 

Read about Mummy Cynthia's Review of the show here. 

Watch the Next Production by I Theatre

So, if you are looking for an interesting family outing or a brand new experience, come watch the next production- The Rainbow Fish. Book your tickets today.
The production will run from 26 April - 15 May 2016.

Come see the activities which we have done for book "Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish'.


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