Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Way Back Home {Review} and {Giveaway- A pair of tickets to The Enormous Turnip}

The Way Back Home {Review}

Natalie and I chose to watch the play "The Way Back Home" for our mother and daughter date last Saturday. 

For those of you who know, private time with each individual child is important in our family. The precious time spent with each child is our special bonding time. This time, we decided to go for a theatre experience together and it exceeded our expectation. 

The Set

The set was impressive not because it was beautifully made, but because it was able to convey the personality of the character to the audience. When Natalie sat down, I asked her what she could tell about the character, just by looking at the set. She was able to tell that the main character must be a boy as the set (the bedroom) is in blue. Moreover, by looking at the drawings on the cupboard, she could tell that the boy likes penguin and spaceship. 

Although the set looks simple and will remain on stage for the entire performance, it's function will change to suit the different scenes. So, the cupboard door will not just be a cupboard door. It can serve other purposes too. So, for those who have not watched the play, I won't spoil it for you. You got to be there to experience the wonder for yourself. 

Clever use of Lighting
What I really enjoyed was the clever use of lighting by the production team. The lighting sets the mood for the play. The dim lighting at the start generated a calm mood for the audience. It reflected the mood at bedtime, very soothing. 

Moreover, lights were used to differentiate space during the performance. The lights expanded the performance from the stage to the floor and watch how the performers turn it into an interactive session with the audience. Natalie enjoyed the interactive session where the audience were encouraged to participate and be part of the action. Natalie was just excited to be part of the show. 

Lights were also used to evoke mood. For instance, a blackout was used to show fear and loneliness. Hence, it made the audience empathize greatly with the character. 

To many children, sounds are as important as what they can see. In this play, sounds were used to encourage imagination. Many actions were replaced with sounds and it was wonderful. Whenever the actions happened off stage and were replaced by sounds, Natalie will be busy telling me what she thinks is happening. It is amazing how the production team manages to play with sounds to achieve such an effect. 

Songs were used as a plot development device. The 2 performers had such great chemistry and were good singers. More importantly, they were able to make a lot of sounds to inject humor into the show. 

For all Star Wars fans like Natalie, listen carefully for a very brief star wars music. Natalie picked it up very quickly. 

Natalie told me she enjoyed the humor in the play most of all. When asked why is the play funny, she replied that the actors' exaggerated actions and sounds made it funny. And, she is right. The exaggerations evoke a certain sense of fun and it never fails to draw laughter from the audience. 

Overall, it was a fun afternoon for both of us. We enjoyed the show and laughed a lot that afternoon. The theatre experience provided Natalie and I, something to talk about that day. She was so excited that she came home and shared with her younger siblings about the play. Now, her siblings are excited to watch the next production- "The Enormous Turnip" in November.

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A Sneak Preview to the next production of I Theatre - "The Enormous Turnip"

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